Genious Engineering

Our Services

Customized product solutions

Along with the conventional solution to problems we also offer innovative ideas to efficiently solve a complication. Some of our products include:
-- Various types of automated equipment and machinery
-- Variety of lifting apparatus
-- Different types of conveyors
-- A plethora of welding machinery and equipment

Shop floor area

Unlike competition, we do not waste time in shuttling goods between different operations. Our shop floor capacity ensures that we are able to execute most perations in-house without having to worry about the risk of
-- 5,000 square feet space capable of handling in-house operations.
--20 feet high.

Available welding operations

To be done right, each material has to be welded using a specific process that depends on the composition of the material and the nature of its use. In addition to having a variety of methods at our disposal, we also have the expertise to identify and perform the best process to suit your needs.
-- CO2 welding machine
-- Arc welding machine
-- Argon welding facility

Shearing and bending facilities

Shearing and bending are two of our mostused facilities. We are proud to tell you that we possess potent machinery to handle even the most intensive of tasks.
--Mechanical shearing machine (capacity 4 m x 6 mm thickness)
-- Hydraulic bending machine (capacity 4 m x 4 mm thickness)


The finest quality of powder-coat boasts of having a finish that is bereft of blemishes. Our in-house seven-tank process ensures that you get the best result possible.

Product Design

If you are unsatisfied with an existing product in the market, rest assured, for we can help you create your own.
-- All types of customized and standard products
-- Design facility available by using CATIA and AutoCAD software

Measuring Instruments

We provide measuring solutions courtesy of a plethora of measuring equipment.

Other Services

-- Material Delivery Facility Available
-- After-sales Service Available
-- Material test certificates also available